Friday, March 20, 2009

Time flies

I looked and noticed I had not blogged in quite some time. I guess the chores of daily life and work just seems to catch up to me. I wish so badly for time just to stand still, for just a few moments, and let me take it in. I guess these are my moments.

Ryan and Alex have been as busy as ever. I've done a lot of spring cleaning--taking away old toys, putting in a few new ones. The boys don't seem to mind. Ryan especially loves finding old toys he can now play with again. I took him for his first visit to the eye doctor today. He did exceptionally well (he knew he was getting a new paint animal) and has perfect vision for his age. The only problem came when it was time to get presents at the office. He loudly proclaimed that he didn't like their toys. Oh well--such is life.

Alex is cutting eye teeth. Bless his heart. We are up almost every night with him crying. I've tried everything I know to do, but I guess he is just going to have a hard time with them. I hope they will all be in soon.

I also had my eyes checked. My eyes, far from perfect, unfortunately got a little worse. I knew they had changed a little, but I didn't realize how much until I put in the new contact prescription. WOW !! Amazing how much better I could see.

Overall life is good. Work is as busy as ever. That's one thing that never changes. People are ALWAYS having babies !!! Lucky me.