Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jeez, it's been almost three months since I have taken the time to blog. For that I am truly sorry. It seems most of my times these days is playing with the kids or on Facebook. Yes I am an addict and admit it fully. I also have a twitter account, not really sure why. It's just something to do.

The boys are changing every day. Ryan graduated from preschool and is getting ready to start kindergarten in less than 2 months. It just doesn't seem possible. Some days I think he is excited. Other days not so much. I think he likes the thought of it until he realizes most of his friends are not going to be there. He is still so full of energy some days I want to duct tape him to the chair. I don't think that would do me a lot of good though. I'm sure he is strong enough that he would get out of it. DARN !!! Anyway, he is in the phase of asking how to spell things. I guess that's good. He can spell short words: hat, cat, bat, dog, etc. For that I am truly grateful. He has his moments when he is hard to handle, but others when he is the best ever. On Mother's day he picked "flowers" for me from the yard at Church. God must have known I really needed that that morning. He tells me now, " Mommy, I love you more than life itself" I'm guessing because I've said that to him on more than one occasion. And that is very true. I love tucking him in at night and hearing those words. My heart just melts.

Alex is just plain busy. He is in to everything. If I turn around for 5 minutes he will be on a chair headed for the table for whatever happens to be within his reach. It can be food, yogurt, Ryan's chocolate milk. Whatever !! He is starting to say more words--the latest being no no and bubble. He loves chasing the bubbles outside. The other day it was raining so I let the boys play while I grilled out, blowing bubbles the whole time. It's just the little things that make the memories. He also has transitioned to a big boy bed. Although it took about two weeks, he has realized it's not all that bad. I lay down with him for about 5 minutes, give hugs and kisses, and leave. I close the door behind me so he can't leave. Every now and again he'll cry for a few seconds, but usually he's just quiet. I have know him to get up and get a book to read by the light of his moon, but normally he's off to dreamland. What a difference from when Ryan was that age. Oh, and he rides the hot wheels tricycle, too. He has watched Ryan do it enough, he can do it now too!!!

Hope all is well with everyone else. Have a great summer !!!