Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day

So summer is in full swing. It's hot outside and I sweat just to breathe in the air. Now this has no comparison to the heat and humidity in which I was raised, but it's still HOT!!

That doesn't stop my family from being outside. Although I look like I have just emerged from a sauna when I come back inside, all red faced and drenched through to my skin, we stay outside a lot. The boys are all about riding their bikes. Once Ryan got his bike shorts it's been an ongoing thing. He rides ALL THE TIME. Unfortunately though, he's beginning to outgrow his bike. Now we have to find another that is not too big, but one on which to grow. That's going to be difficult. Alexander on the other hand, has a bike of his own as well. The one from the kid around the corner fits him pretty good. He loves to sit on it, and although he can't pedal on his own, he does try to pedal as Mike or myself push him. He loves it as much as his older brother does.

We've been to the pool quite a few times this summer so far. Ryan has gotten better after being at YMCA camp and Alexander has NO fear whatsoever. It's amazing that when we arrive, he's a little skiddish. But give him 5 minutes, and the boy will jump in over and over, go under, and come up with a smile saying, "Again mommy, again". It's so cute, but scary at the same time. Knowing him, he would jump in the deep end without a second thought. I'm guessing we'll have to put him in swim lessons next year.

YMCA camp has been a little interesting this summer. Although I believe in the Christian principles that YMCA is based upon, I think they are just a little too strict on children that have never had a experience like this. Granted, my child is not perfect, but neither am I. I feel like you have to let them make mistakes, then punish them. Not expect them to be perfect. He's just had a rough go of it. The first week, he wet his pants because he didn't want to go in the bathroom because of the spiders. Bless his heart. I felt badly for him, but then again, he's got to realize he's bigger than they are. He was suspended twice in 2 weeks, mainly for acting like a boy. I think he pushed a kid, and hit a kid, then went off the trail. After talking with him, it appeared he was not the only one at fault, that he had been provoked more than once. Yet again, I don't agree with retaliation, and he should have gone to a counselor, it frustrated me significantly that my son was being called on the carpet.

So after a week of not getting phone calls, and having good days, I felt as though he was beginning to settle in a little. He was earning stars and silly bandz and things were going well........

Until today.......

I received a phone call letting me know there had been an incident involving Ryan. He had "exposed" himself to one of the other campers. As it turns out, after I had to go pick him up and we talked, that it was an older kid that approached him. Evidently Ryan was changing out of his trunks as the other, older child was putting his on. Ryan "says" the boy threatened him with bodily harm unless he showed him his parts. Now that, I'm not so sure of, but nonetheless....Ryan should've said no and gone to a counselor. But instead, he turned around and showed it off. Now that being said, I would like to know how many males have not done the same in a locker room or bathroom. I mean seriously!!! All men are worried about their "package" at some time in their lives. I even said that to the little counselor, at the ripe age of 22!! I'm sure he has done the same and boys will be boys. Oh well, we had a good afternoon regardless and I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

Alexander has gone a spitting rampage. Evidently at daycare, they allow them to spit, "in the potty". Like a 2 year old would rather spit in the potty vs. outside. Why allow them to spit at all? This past weekend I put soap in his mouth, but evidently it didn't leave a lasting impression. When I picked him up Monday, he was sitting in time out for spitting on a little girl. I don't know what's next. Tobasco? I don't think I'd go that far, but I have to find something.

Potty training is a joke these days. He did that one time, and hasn't since. On the occasion he sits on the potty, but doesn't want to for long. That's okay I guess. He still has a few months until he turns 3.

Wow, I feel like I've rambled a lot this afternoon. It's nice just to share (vent) a little. Sometimes I just need to get things off my chest.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!!

Love to you all

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It is official

Yes, it is official.

My boys are growing up. I'm happy and sad at the same time.

A little over a week ago, Ryan lost a training wheel from his bike. At the time he was devastated. "Mommy, I can never ride again." I tried to explain that it just meant he didn't need them anymore. He cried for a good five minutes I know. At that point we left and headed to the north YMCA for the summer camp orientation.(More about that in a minute). By the time we got back, he had completely forgotten about the fact he had lost a training wheel. Well, I was worn out from the previous days and opted to take a nap with the little man. By the time we got up, Ryan was riding on two wheels!!!!! Yes, he was still a little wobbly, and needed a little help, but he was doing great!! As it so happens, another dad from around the corner taught him how to ride. Later on that day, Mike used his techniques to teach the girl across the street how to ride. Now Ryan takes off with Makenzie and Ethan (another older boy down the street) like it was nothing. WOW!!! Every day we are riding and his legs get stronger and stronger.

Alexander has also gotten a bike. Go figure. The man that taught Ryan how to ride was wanting a different bike to ride with his daughter (he has a triathlon bike like Mike's and was just too fast). As it so happened, Mike had a bike that has been in the attic for the last 4 years we have lived here. He traded that bike for his son's first bike. It's way cute, and Alexander totally loves it. Although he really can't pedal just yet, he loves to sit on it and be pushed. "I ride my bike!!!" It's just the little things.

Of course, silly bandz have also made an entrance to our house. You would think, being a boy and all, he really wouldn't want them. But oh no--every day he begs. Mike found some at work and the Chevron station. I've ordered a few packs online. He asks every day if they've come. Bless his heart, he has no concept of time. The crazy thing is, Alexander is just as in to them. He wants to wear his wherever he goes. Peat, and repeat. He wants to be just like his older brother. How precious.

And being like his older brother, he is trying to potty train. Although he is a little short, and can't really stand to potty, he sure tries. He had had no luck until this past Saturday (5/30). We had been out in the sprinkler playing with some of the neighborhood kids. When we came in to change, he wanted to go potty. I let him try for a few minutes then he climbed on it backwards. All of the sudden....PEE!! Yipee. The beginning of potty training has begun. By the end of the year, no more diapers!!!!

As far as summer camp goes, Mike and I decided to take Ryan out of daycare this summer. We just felt he wouldn't get enough activity being there. They only take limited field trips and play outside a little. SO.....he's going to BAR-Y camp by YMCA. It's outside, all day, every day!! They hike, do archery and crafts, and swim every day. This will expend any type of energy he may have to release. He is really excited and talks about "next Monday" all the time. I love that he is so excited about trying something new. After meeting the counselors and learning a little more about it, I think this is where he'll be for the next few years during summer break.

On Memorial Day, we rode in the family Bike Lexington ride. It started downtown, and went out and back for a total of 10 miles. Ryan did about 8.5 miles of it. He got a little frustrated at times, but all in all did awesome. The only thing left to do now it purchase him a pair of padded bike shorts. His little boy parts are a little sore. Mike warned me that would happen with the miles he's been putting in. Just the day before he had ridden almost 6 miles with Mike to the Chevron station and back a couple of times. It won't be long and he'll need a bigger bike.

We also went to the pool at Tates Creek since the big ones opened on Saturday. It was so much fun watching Ryan trying to swim again (BAR-Y also has free swimming lessons) and Alex learning again that water wasn't going to hurt him. We only stayed about an hour, because I needed to nap and so did Alexander. All in all it was a great day!!

I'm posting some pics of the boys riding their bikes as well as the morning of Memorial Day. Unfortunately, it's a little blurry since I wasn't the one taking the picture. Oh well....

Happy June everyone!! Have a great summer. I know we will.