Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Change to come

So after much thought and prayer (and just plain out something has to be done) I took Ryan to the pediatrician to see about something for him. I didn't know if we needed to medicate or go through therapy or what. I just knew I needed something and someone to give me ideas. Luckily Dr. Revelette and myself are pretty much on the same page.

He evaluated Ryan first by talking about his summer and the events leading up to his expulsion from YMCA camp. Of course, Ryan was all over the place and kept looking at me for answers. I sat there quietly as not to interrupt, hoping Ryan would tell him. And he did. Then after an exam, he put Ryan in another room with one of the office girls while we talked privately. I explained the events in detail. We both feel he would benefit greatly from medication AND counseling. He gave me some names of people for which I am glad. Hopefully one will take our insurance. If not, I guess we're EAP bound, which isn't all that bad. Anyway, we're going to start meds in the morning: Vyvance (sp?) and Straterra. Hopefully we'll just need one at the end of the month-but at this point I don't care if he needs both. Whatever it takes to decrease his impulsivity and hyperactiveness before starting first grade in just a few weeks.

Please pray for us during this time in the hopes that this will be a change for the good. I am scared, apprehensive, & worried-but I guess all of that comes with just being a parent. Wondering if you're doing the right in, day out.....hoping to say the right words and such. I pray daily for strength, knowing in my heart of hearts he is an awesome kid. So loving and caring, but way too impulsive.

Both boys are growing like crazy. I think the summer has definitely treated them both to a growth spurt. They are very busy and in to everything, which is good and bad. Some days it's just hard to keep up with both of them. Taking them to the pool is fun and exhausting at the same time. Ryan learned to swim pretty well at his short stay at YMCA camp. He goes down the slide and usually stays in the shallower end of the pool. Alexander on the other hand, has NO FEAR. Even before I am in the water he is ready to jump in. I always let him go under and then lift him up. He has the biggest grin and asks to do it again. Over and over we go. 1.....2.....3....jump, under, up, and out, repeat......I have become thankful for the hourly pool breaks that keep my arms from getting too exhausted.

Well, time for another round of baths. My throat and ears are still very sore from this sinus infection, but hopefully being on antibiotics will help.

Love to you all,