Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Better times ahead

So....after visiting the pediatrician last week, we made some changes to the medications Ryan is taking. The first was to change to the Daytrana patch. It's a lot like the Vyvanse he was taking (when he didn't know it), but just on a patch for the bootie. I was warned that it might be a little rough on his skin and boy was he right. I placed it the next morning and he had taken it off mid-day because it was itching. I'm glad he did, seeing as how it left a big red rectangle on his right backside.

But in addition to that we added another pill called Intuniv. This one is a WINNER!!! Although Ryan was very defiant in the beginning, the doctor took it out of the package and showed it to him and explained the importance of taking it. When we got home that afternoon, we worked hard at trying to find a way to take it. As it so happened, he wrapped part of a grilled cheese around the pill and swallowed it!!! Yeah for Ryan!!!! We overcame a huge hurdle. After a few days it became apparent that this was the medicine he's needed. He doesn't even use the patch anymore ($40 down the drain, but for priceless results with another med). Yesterday he came home with a cool cat award from school for having a positive attitude, being respectful to others, and striving for his personal best. Yes!!!! See, my child IS a wonderful child. I've known it all along. It just took a small chemical to make him calm enough for people to see that. Today he got called out and got to sit at the cool cat table for lunch. I am such a proud mommy. Not that I wasn't before, but it was so much more difficult last year. This year is starting off on the right foot.

Alexander is stubborn. I swear it gets worse with every passing day. Yesterday morning he woke up dry. Yeah!! But then he refused to go the potty. I tried to get his pull up off and he just pitched an absolute fit. Later he agreed to put on underwear but fought me every step of the way to put on the plastic protector so he could ride in his car seat. Not five minutes later he informed us that he had pooped in his pants. Really he had just wet himself... AAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!! I keep reminding myself, "one day it will just click"

I had a rough week eating. I don't expect to lose any weight this week. With two of our girls leaving and having food at work and then going out for breakfast, I REALLY over did it. I haven't eaten like that since May and although it tasted good going down, I felt really crappy about it later. Lesson learned for future reference.

Enough blabbering for now.

Love to you all,

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well, it's been three weeks and some things have gone well.

Straterra is not our friend. Although I tried for a week to make him take it, it just didn't happen. The taste evidently is very bad, and nothing covers it. And taking a pill is just out of the question. I don't know why he makes it so difficult, but he does. After talking with the pediatrician, I decided to take him off it. He has continued taking the vyvanse as long as he is not aware. One day it was in his milk, one day in his waffles. I don't know how long this is going to last. Unfortunately doing it like this creates an unknown amount of medication every day. Some days are more/less than others. I think when we go this week for a follow-up I'm going to request the Daytrana patch. At least I would know how much he is getting every day, and could regulate it a little better. The days where he does get some of the med are like magic. He's so much easier to deal with and with much less hysteria. It's amazing what a little chemical help can do.

Alexander, on the other hand, is becoming more stubborn and hard headed (like his mother). He refuses to sit on the potty, but instead comes to me to tell me he has a "stinky bootie" Nice son. It would be great if you could tell me that BEFORE you need to go so I didn't have to clean the "stinky bootie" Oh well, it will click one day.

Mike is training for yet another event. Although he said he wasn't going to do any more, he has decided to join one of our neighbors for a marathon in Indianapolis. I hope he enjoys himself (I personally think he's crazy for doing it) He's been running every morning I'm home and has actually increased his speed and his legs are skinnier. We've both dropped some pounds throughout all this.

Speaking of, I am down a total of 23.2 as of this week. Weight watchers is definitely the way to go for me. It's the whole portion size and weighing in front of someone that I need. Only about 35 lbs. to go!! I've already dropped a pants size and feel amazingly better about my body. Who knows? Maybe I'll be joining Mike for a marathon for my 40th birthday in a few years (only if I'm committed to a psych ward somewhere)

Love to you all,