Saturday, November 14, 2009

Big boy birthday

Today is Ryan's 6th birthday. Every year I smile and let a tear go knowing my firstborn is growing up. He is such a loving and kindhearted little man. And lately has truly been coming in to his own. He is so smart and able to read already. That in and of itself totally amazes me. He's been in swim lessons, and after only 5 is swimming on his own. I was so amazed at his progress and comfort in the water these days. He loves his brother and loves going to church. Some days he says things that make me think God is talking to him. I'm just waiting for the day .... We've had a great day, and although there was no big party hurrah it doesn't make it any less special. He is my son. My beautiful boy. I am so blessed. Happy Birthday Ryan Mommy loves you.

Monday, November 2, 2009

this and that

The year is flying by and it's the beginning of November. Halloween is over and we are starting the holiday season. What a fun time to be had this year as both boys are growing up.

Ryan was a knight for halloween this year--and actually went trick or treating. Very unusual for him since he hasn't done that since he was 2. He had a great time which was a first. As far as school goes, it's still a challenge. The teacher says he's very bright and reading and doing math on a higher grade level. No surprise to me---But still getting bad faces. Today he had a reteach on talking in the hall and moving around on the carpet. So.....I made him write sentences, "I will be quiet in the hall" and "I will sit still on carpet" It made an impact enough to make him cry. I actually took his chair away and made him stand up because he was pushing it around to get me mad. Well, I just took it away and made him mad instead. He is now finished and wrote his name at the top of both pages to take to Ms. Crist in the morning.

Alex was Spiderman. I had originally bought him a new costume as a clown, but it was too tight when we went to daycare. So we pulled out Ryan's old costume and it worked just fine. I think he's more of a spiderman anyway. He is so mischevious these days as a toddler. More so than Ryan ever was. I found him on top of a Bob the Builder case the other day trying to get in to the DVD player for Diego. Little stinker!! And for some reason he loves toilet water. UGH!!!!

Here are some pics from the last few weeks. The sunrise was on my way home the other morning. It just reminds me of how beautiful a new day can be for us all. I'll keep reminding myself of that tomorrow when I'm home with a sick child.