Monday, October 19, 2009

A new week

So Ryan had strep throat--Alex was cutting molars and I've just been plain worn out. I guess that's the joy of being a mom with a full time job.

But now it's a new week and all is well. Alex has moved up rooms at church and now at daycare :( He's just growing a little too fast for my taste. I know it has to happen, but.... He is still such a joy. I love it when he gives me the tightest hugs ever. It is just too sweet. I'm glad both of my boys are cuddlers.

Ryan started private swim lessons on Sunday of this week. I got this girl's name from a couple of friends that have used her. All I can say is she rocks!! Within thirty minutes she had him swimming with a noodle and dunking his entire body under water!!! I could hardly believe my eyes. I can't wait until next week so Mike can watch him. I'm sure he'll be impressed by what he can do in the water.

Mike celebrated his 43rd birthday on Saturday. Although he hates birthdays and holidays, this one didn't come without issues. I'm just hoping we can all move forward and he can have a better attitude toward life. Another year gone with things you can't change. No use looking back.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

LIttle man's birthday

So it happened. I sit here through tears of sadness of letting things go and the joy of looking to the future--going through clothes to give away to others that may need them. Life goes on. With that being said:

My little man has turned the big 2!! He is so smart and amazing it just blows me away. He talks constantly now, only 1/2 of which I can understand. But he understands absolutely everything. When I say, "time to brush your teeth", he runs to the bathroom and hops up on the toilet to turn on the water. I asked him this morning where his gum was (he had stolen a piece out of my purse), he proceeded to open his mouth. He also, unfortunately, has learned how to open the garbage. That can be a bit of an issue when throwing away something he truly wants.

We didn't have a big throw down party--just family. But I did make yet another awesome cake, if I do say so myself. It was a little challenging drawind and putting it all together, but so rewarding. He loved the b-ball, b-ball, b-ball. Plus I had basketball plates and cups which he thought were all his. He even blew out the candle which truly shocked me. At first when I lit it, he just stared. Then Ryan blew out one and he realized it wouldn't hurt him. It was absolutely adorable.

Only 6 weeks until Ryan's birthday. He wants a dinosaur cake. That may take some major doing.....