Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Keep Breathing

It's just been one of those afternoons. Ryan got off the bus and hung his head. I know what this means anytime it happens....rough day. These rough days are becoming more and more frequent and I am at a loss. Yet again today he refused to do his work. Not that he just didn't want to do it.....he flat out REFUSED. When I was growing up this wasn't an option. You did your work regardless. I don't really understand what his problem is. Yes, I know he has ADD Yes, I know that sometimes school is a challenge because he is bored out of his mind. He needs to be more challenged on a daily basis. But sometimes I think it's nothing more that a good backside beating would fix. I know there are others like myself that struggle with this and it's just so hard some days. I have said the same thing over and over thousands of times, "sit down and do your work" "Just do it!!!" I have taken away many of his fun things and have backed up bed time. I guess now it's time to try a new day medication. I HATE them because of their side effects. I hated it when he wouldn't eat and then had trouble falling asleep. It's almost as if I was giving an upper and downer to a drug addict. Stimulant by day and sleeping medicine at night. Is that what we should do? Turn kids in to drug addicts. I'm falling apart and don't know what else to do. I know this will pass and one day things will be better. But until that time I have to remind myself to "keep breathing"