Saturday, April 23, 2011

My little man

The last few posts have centered around the big boy, so the little man needs his time as well....

He's rotten.

He's spoiled.

He's just as aggressive as Ryan and the two together.......shoot me!!!

He loves to play outside when the weather is decent and has finally grown enough to be able to pedal his bike with training wheels and not be pushed!! It rocks. He runs (yes runs) around the block and kicks a ball like no other. I had always thought Ryan would play ball, not so much anymore. Alexander can dribble a ball better than I and shoots better than most kids his age. Yes, I realize he's only 3, but he's really good at it!!

His vocabulary has exploded and he loves his superheros! Every day he has to wear either Batman, Spiderman, or Superman. What would we do without comicbook superheros? My son might fall apart. We had recently purchased something at Target that we were going to put away for his birthday. Mike decided he needed to go ahead and have it. He was the happiest child on earth. Just add it to the rest of his pile of superhero paraphenalia.

He's really excited about the Easter Bunny tomorrow. He's talked a lot about eggs and the bunny that came to daycare. I'm sure it was fantastic and he loved every minute. He's been all about his basket and it's so cute :)

Now if I could just Ryan to go to sleep so maybe the EB could come and then get some rest.........


Okay, most parents think they're children are smart. They read at an early age, know their numbers and letters before 2 years of age, and the potty train before they're 3. Ryan is no exception. He is bright. The benchmark for reading is 14 and he is double that. His math skills are off the charts for a first grader :) I am very pleased by that. The only problem is getting him to do it. He HATES school. He finds it unnecessary and acts up on just about a daily basis over the last few weeks. Just before spring break he started having some issues with defiance and refusing to do his work. "I'm just not the smartest kid anymore" It's so hard as a parent to teach them how smart and gifted our children are without making them conceited. I struggle with this as I have been receiving phone calls from the school on a daily basis. It's so hard some times...... I'm just grateful that school will be out June 3rd. Not nearly soon enough for me (or Ryan for that matter).