Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthday Boy

Guess who just turned 4 years old!! It's amazing to me how quickly time seems to move when you have children. One day they're born, the next they're telling you what they don't want to do. Holy Cow how time flies.

This year we opted to have a party at Kid's Place at LAC. I know he's only 4, but it really was relatively inexpensive and he and his little friends had a really good time.

Of course I made the cake as always.....this year was the "Angry Birds". He had talked incessantly about having that particular type of cake, so I had to oblige. It took some time, and although it wasn't absolutely perfect, it was what made him happy. I definitely need to try it again someday. (Ryan wants Rio which should be very interesting)

We had a wonderful time playing and eating cake and ice cream and then playing some more. There were tokens for games and plenty of space to burn off tons of energy. The kids were exhausted by the time we left. Needless to say, so was I so it was Dominoes for dinner :)

We also took a family photo, which turned out okay considering Ryan was acting as the class clown and didn't want to smile like the rest of us. That's okay though. I'm happy with this and know that no matter what I have a great family.

Thank you God for all of my many blessings, too numerous to count.

rant and rave

Yes, I know I'm behind, and haven't posted about Alexander's birthday, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Do you ever feel like, "If I could just stop doing everything I do for just a week, i wonder what I could accomplish?" That's the way I feel. Don't get me wrong, I know the things I do are by my choosing, but some days I wish I didn't do anything else except deliver babies. No extra classes, no gym classes, no birthing classes..........just me. I am actually sort of looking forward to the holidays as they approach in the coming months just for that reason.

School for Ryan is going much better. I met with his teachers, the parent/teacher liaison, the social worker, and the vice principal last week. And although in the beginning I was not much of a fan of his teacher, I love her now. She talked a lot about Ryan and noticing triggers of his behavior. They have worked on doing things differently and he's been fine. Thank you God for a teacher that pays attention and works with him to create a better environment for everyone. I also love that even last week as a little boy started to poke and prod him in line, Ryan did nothing in return other than look at his teacher. He made a very mature decision to not poke and prod back, but to get the attention of Mrs. V and let her handle it. She praised him for his decision and so did I. I think he's finally coming in to his own during this 2nd grade year.

Speaking of Ryan.......I let him go on his first overnight trip out of town. He went to the farm of a friend's grandparents. He was oh so excited and I was just as nervous. He would be over an hour away......would he do okay being that far away from home? Of course he did!! He loved every minute of it in the hot tub, going to the chicken coop, and riding a 4 wheeler. Although that is not something I would have normally let him do, I was not there to make that decision for him. He did tell me he rode slowly with an adult so I felt somewhat better about the situation. When I picked him up this evening, he had a deer antler and 6 farm fresh eggs he picked from the coop this morning. He really enjoyed the farm and spending time with his "bff". I love how he has this friend.

Alexander has graduated to a big boy high back booster seat now. Oh my goodness.....he hops in and buckles himself up without my help. When did this happen? He's watched Ryan so much and knows exactly how to do things. I am just in amazement over how much he has grown up over the past few months. I no longer have a toddler. I have a young boy. He's all smiles and full of information. He loves to sing and dance and even at Chipotle tonight he was dancing in his seat. What can I say? He comes by it naturally :)

I am so grateful for both of my beautiful boys. I am truly blessed.