Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holidays, Holidays

Well Christmas has come and gone in this household and the aftermath is very evident. There are toys everywhere and still remnants of paper from unwrapped gifts. We were truly blessed this year to be able to provide our family and children a decent Christmas. It was a little over the top to some extreme I admit, but that's what being a parent is all about. It truly came to me when Ryan informed me he needed to write a thank you note to Santa. "He gave me everything I wanted." I love it!!!

We didn't do anything really exciting this year. On Christmas eve we decorated cookies for Santa. After a nap we headed to Mike's parents' house for a little snack and open gifts. Then we went to Church, which was totally awesome. There's nothing like closing a Christmas service singing O Holy Night. It just gave me chills and tears in my eyes. My heart breaks for the people that truly don't understand the meaning of Christmas.

Christmas day was spent in pajamas--almost literally. I don't think Ryan ever took his bottoms off. He had slept in a shirt that Nana and Papaw had sent. Alex changed, but only because he had to have diaper changes. I put on a pair of knit pants and a holiday shirt. Not once until I took a shower did I take off my slippers!! Mike of course was up and at 'em first thing. He "needed to go for a walk" As I am content to chill out on the holidays, my husband so is not. Although we've had our rough spots, we are really beginning to equal each other out.

I am excited to see what the new year holds for all of us. Ryan will be finishing Kindergarten and Alex will be potty training. Seriously? He's not old enough for that in my eyes, but they do have to grow up.

Best wishes for a continued safe and happy Christmas and Holiday season.

The Phillips family

Saturday, December 12, 2009


So as many of you know, I follow quite a few blogs. One of my favorites it She is the REAL mom of 4 kiddos-4,3,2,1. Literally a very busy person. She amazes me at the time she has to do everything she does. I feel as though I don't some days and I only have two children. Anyway, she's giving away a computer on Christmas Eve and I'm putting my name in the pot. This is my third entry in amongst all of the other thousands!!! Hey, there's always a chance!!

Life at the Phillips household has been far from normal. Alex was very sick for a while with cold and congestion which proceeded in to bilateral ear infections and a week's worth of Zithromax. After day three, I was a little concerned he wasn't getting better nearly as quickly as I had hoped. After a couple of doses of Nasonex over the next few days, he really turned around. I was so thankful that he was feeling better and looking forward to sleeping at night again. THEN:

Ryan got sick. He was up at 2am coughing his head off. After looking up on the internet the appropriate dose of dextromethorphan for a child his age, I knocked him out with some Robitussin. Bless his heart, he coughed for another hour before it kicked in. But then when it came time for school, as tired as he was, he was playing with his toys. After much deliberating, I sent him on to school. I hated for him to miss a day, even though I was afraid of getting a frowny face. He did okay and got a smiley face that day.

We're really looking forward to Christmas this year. The boys are old enough to understand and are really excited. They have their own tree I let them decorate which is no more than lights and balls and a few ornaments, but it made them happy. Alex yells, "Ball!" for the ornaments and wants to throw them. Thank heavens they are shatterproof. Oh well....

Hope you all are having a great Christmas Holiday season. Love to you all---

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

over it!!!

one of the few sweet brother moments

Alex loving his basketball

Ryan swimming like Michael Phelps

So I think I am waaay over doting on my children on this blog. It is becoming more and more difficult to sound sweet all of the time. They are cute and adorable, but they are also horrendous at times. And I think the closer it gets to christmas, the worse they both get. And Alex doesn't even understand the concept yet. He just follows in big brother's footsteps. Bless his little baby heart.

Ryan has been ever so difficult lately. At home, church, and school. I am at my wit's end on what to do. I've tried everything it seems. Spanking, time out, taking things away, extra homework, no TV, no computer....what else is there? My last resort I swear is to pack his bags and send him to some other military school. Not really, but I don't really know what to do. Every morning before I drop him off we discuss how we're going to have a good day at school. Listen, cooperate, raise my hand, be respectful by saying yes ma'am and no ma'am to his teachers--he's got all that down pat. But it's everything else. Walking in line like he's supposed to. Sitting still on carpet. And today of all things--he pulled a girl's hair until she cried. Sheez oh pete child!! That I am sure has come from Alex who has started that since moving up classrooms at daycare. What Ryan doesn't seem to realize is that Alex gets in trouble when he pulls hair and so will he!! If anybody has any ideas, please feel free to respond. He has his annual appointment with his pediatrician in the morning, so I can discuss things with him as well.

Alex on the other hand has been so hard to get to bed, always wanting to go "nite, nite" in my bed. That is coming to a close, and it's about door therapy (as Mike calls it) every night. We have to close the door and let him cry it out. And since he is able to open the door, I had to put a handle on it that he can not use. It breaks my heart, but he has to learn to go to bed. Once he's asleep, I open the door so that I can hear him so it's not as though he is locked in there all night. He has also had this fascination with the DVDs. So much so, that we had to move them into our closet where they can't be seen. He just wants to look at them, pull them apart and re-stack them. It's cute and keeps him occupied, but seriously? You have to leave them in the case son if you ever want to watch them again.

I'm sure tonight will be traumatic as Ryan can't watch TV or play on the computer & I am moving bedtime back to 8pm. He will pitch a fit I am sure, but that's life. Alex will be upset when he can't watch TV either, but I guess that's just what will have to happen. Maybe we can decorate the Christmas tree or something to keep them occupied until bed time.

Okay, enough blubbering. I really do love my children, it just seems as though some days it's a little much. I feel so sorry for Kate Gosselin. I realize people think she was a b#%$^ but seriously? If I had to wrangle 8 kids at a time, with 6 being the same age, I can't say as though I wouldn't be the same and do a lot of the same things as she did. I have trouble some days managing just my 2. They are beautiful and adorable children. Ryan really excels in reading and math, and is truly enjoying his swim lessons. We'll do another 8 weeks beginning in January or February. Alex loves to read and his vocabulary is ever increasing. He understands everything you say, especially when it comes to brushing teeth. He loves that part of night time ritual. He also likes to try to potty. He's watched Ryan and the kids in his class do it--he thinks he can, too. It's so funny to see him stand at the potty. He's so short and barely comes to the edge, but he wants to be like the older kids. Who knows, maybe he'll potty train early.

So enough of my rant now. Here's to a good rest of the week. Prayers to God for patience and strength.