Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching up, part three---Basketball


It's a well known fact that I am somewhat short, and have never played any sports. I was a brain and band geek. But, we thought it would be a good idea to put out son in basketball. It is sponsored by Upward, which is Christian based. That way, every player gets a chance to play, and every player gets rewarded.

Little did I know, that would not work for Ryan. I NOW KNOW!!!!

The initial try-out went well. He did "okay". No he can't dribble as he runs down the court, but he did well for never having been on a basketball court. I mean, I can't dribble that well either for that matter, so really what did it matter? I just wanted him to have a chance.

Practice one: horrible. Refusing to even get on the court. I mean, it's just practice for crying out loud!! Oh well, maybe the game will be better.

Game one: just as bad. Refusing to get on the court and not wanting to play at all. What's up with that?

The rest of the season was a lot like that. It wasn't until near then end that he decided he wasn't a loser and really could shoot a ball. He even scored the last point of the final game!! Way to go big boy! I think the basketball goal Santa brought maybe did help a little :) The kicker is, although the season was wrought with pain and suffering, he wanted to play more. I guess we'll see in the fall how much he wants to play next spring.

Thankful that it's over........