Sunday, April 27, 2008

100% cute

I found the cutest onesie the other day and had to put it on Alex after bath the other night. Then I gave him to Mike to hold while I finished Ryan's bath. He was watching WKRP in Cincinnati on that new Evidently Alex is no fan of WKRP.


It's hard to believe that Alex will be 7 months old this Friday. Time just seems to pass me by between the activities of daily life and work. Now that the mini is over and I won't have to devote as much time to the gym as I had, I can spend a little more time with the boys. I took this picture this afternoon after lunch. He just sat up and smiled--posing like all good babies do. I have a video too that I'll try to add as well.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


My first big race shirt and finisher's medal!!

I really did it. I finished my first mini marathon!! It took a lot longer than I would've wanted, but at least I know my body can do it. I have never been so grateful to see a finish line in my life. I almost cried I was so happy to be done. Next year (maybe) I am going to try to run the whole thing. I have to say though miles 3-6 through Iroquois park are some of the hardest hills I've ever climbed. But then again, we don't have hills like that around here. Enough rambling--I DID IT!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tonight after bath time, Ryan decided we needed to take some pictures. I took a few and then Ryan got the camera. I guess you can tell who took the pics--especially the ones with the stuffed animals (those are all that are left after I put the rest in storage bags).

okay--only 5 1/2 months after halloween my son decided to put on his costume. Better late than never I said. I'm hoping he can still fit into it this October. He'd better because I won't be buying another!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The park

This past week we were blessed with many beautiful days. I took the boys any time we had a chance--life is short and there are memories to be made. Alex loved his first ride in the swing--Ryan can never get enough. After about two hours, Alex was passed out and I was exhausted from swinging Ryan. We had such a good time big boy fell asleep on the way home. Luckily I got him out of the truck and into the house without incident. He slept for almost three hours before I woke him up. What a day!!! I look forward to going back again soon.

As a side note, I took Alex for his 6 month check-up this week. He weighs 16 lbs, 4 oz. and is 27 inches. Long and thin. Just perfect!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

sippy, yipee!!

The little man is getting older and beginning to try more new things. In the past few days we have been working with a little water in the sippy cup. So far he has seemed to do okay. He actually held it and moved it to his mouth. Wow, where does the time go?

working hard

so determined

getting started


It is sometimes difficult to keep Ryan busy. This past weekend (yes it has taken me this long to post it) we painted. I had gotten some little trains and paints which I thought would really create an interest. He had so much fun and Alex just sat in his highchair and watched. We had such fun just spending quality time together. Oh the memories....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pray, pray, pray

For all of those in blog world get on your knees. Today Wednesday, April 2, 2008--Nate's birthday--TRICIA GOT HER LUNGS!!! They are in the OR right now as I type. Please pray for them, the surgeons, the donor family, and the donor that his heart was right with God and he is in a better place. Check out their blog to see pics before she went to the OR. There are still plenty of risks involved especially since Tricia was still on a vent, plus the risk of rejection. There are still long days and nights ahead, but the future is getting brighter. With God's hand and a lot of prayer, baby Gwyneth will be able to grow up with her dad and MOM. Praise God for his love and his mighty works!!!