Monday, February 27, 2012

growing up

Today is Monday, so that means the spelling words have come home for the week. Generally I don't get too concerned, or make Ryan work hard on them until Wednesday. He works on them all week at school so I don't see too much of a need. That was until today. When he gave me his school list I was a little overwhelmed......2nd grade mind you...petroglyphs. Really? When did spelling in 2nd grade become something I would have spelled in 6th grade (at the earliest)? It amazes me at how much the children learn these days at such a young age. And they wonder why our kids talk and act the way they do. It's not just hormones in food.......They are being groomed at such an early age to learn so much. Geez louise!!!!

Alexander on the other hand is screaming his alphabet from the rooftops and writing his name. Yes writing at age 4. Pretty soon he'll be reading before he even hits pre-k in the fall. He loves to come up with words that begin with every letter. It's become a game of sorts some times on the way home from daycare with the three of us. Some days it's anything that begins with a letter. Other days it's only animals, or foods. Those are a little bit of a challenge on occasion.

All in all, things are well. We haven't had ANY snow days this school year. Hopefully we'll be out of school by the end of May which would be totally awesome (except for the fact I would have to pay extra daycare and pools don't open until Memorial Day weekend....)

Mike is still running a 1/2 marathon every month. He's been to Georgia for 2 of them thus far. Luckily the next few are within an hour's drive or so. In June he's headed to North Carolina. I really want to get off for this one since it's in Ridgecrest.....home of Centrifuge when I was a youth. How fun would it be to go back there? Oh the memories......

Well, enough gabbing. I've got lots of work to do this evening on my muscle madness class (yes, let's add another group fitness class to my plate).

Hope everyone is doing well.

Love to you all,

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